Customer service and their privacy are top priority for Eurolink Insurance Inc. Skopje.
The client privacy policy at EUROLINK Insurance Inc. Skopje (Company) explains the type of the information which we can collect and who are they shared with. In addition, it specifies how you can contact us should you have additional information or you are concerned about this information. This Policy is in accordance with the legal regulations for personal data protection in Republic of North Macedonia and the internal acts of the Company regulating this area.
What information do we gather?
We collect personal data, part of which you willingly provide us with while visiting our web site and using our on-line services, while the other part of data we collect for visitors of our web site are passive data or data which are not personal and are conditioned by the internet nature (technical information for your service usage, the product or the web site, such as your IP address, device, domain, the mistakes and hardware activity).
What do we use the collected data for?
The information we gather can be used for many reasons:

  • To provide you with the required service, by identifying you
  • To provide customer care
  • To ask you for your opinion in regards to the types of insurance we offer and implementation of surveys
  • To ease and proceed your search and requests for information when you call us regarding the types of insurance
  • To implement prize games, competitions and other promotional offers
  • If you apply through the web site, we could review your application for possible employment
  • Assistance in case you file a complaint or problem while using the products and services.
Additionally, the gathered information is used for:
  • To create anonymous, group statistic for our web site usage, products and services
  • To improve the current and create new products and services, recommendations, advertisements and other communication
  • For customer service support in case there is a problem during the usage of products and services.
Sharing of information 
The Company does not reveal your personal information to third parties without your approval. The personal data can be revealed only in conformity with the Law. The Company does not transfer the personal data outside the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.
Through our internet site you can be informed about our ongoing activities or the future ones, allowing you to be informed first. Therefore, you can accept to receive various notifications and information from our web site to your email. These notifications can contain, for instance, data for our newest products, services and innovation.
You can terminate the notification and information at any time, following the steps for signing out from our mailing list. The clients who have created personal profile, i.e. user account have an option to change and/or delete their personal data.
What do we do to protect your information?
The Company operations in regards to the personal data protection are fully complied with personal data protection regulations in the RNM. This includes complete incorporation of technical and organizational confidentiality system measures and personal data protection. The company has been supervised by authorized state institutions, internal controls, as well as independent third party legal entities.
„Cookies” are small narrative files with data, which can be recorded to your hard disc by some web sites you visit.
We use“Cookies” in order to improve the user experience and Company portal operation, as well as data analysis for statistical goals. The Company keeps „Cookies “until the goals for which they were collected are met. The Company uses Google analytics in order to count the external visits. The counting results are not publicly available and are solely used for internal statistical analysis. 

Web store E-policy 
           In order to keep the synonym of most innovative insurance company, Eurolink offers on-line policy purchase. The basic requirement to use the web store – E-policy is the client to provide the requested data and their usage, therefore he/she agrees on the data collection and usage,  as well as complete amount payment by a credit card. During the payment on the policy, the Company collects only data about the policy holder and insured, which are necessary for insurance contract in accordance with the Law on Insurance Supervision.
Accepting the requirements

       By using this site, you agree, i.e. you accept the Company Privacy Policy Provisions.
If you do not agree, please do not use our web site.  

Contact us

       Should you have any questions in regards to the Company Privacy Policy, please contact us on address: “Nikola Kljusev” no.2, Skopje, Angel Nakovski, Personal Data Protection Officer, telephone number: 02/3298-333 or email address: 


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