Market globalization, under circumstances of growing technology and increasing number of businesses focuses on  the issue of liability for losses arising out of business operations

All legal entities, companies, public enterprises, institutions and sole proprietors are equally  responsible to their business partners and to third parties* for losses resulting in death, bodily injury, deteriorated health and/or in property damage or financial losses, arising out of carrying out professional duties.


If, after all, you cannot avoid risks arising out of  operations, you can surely avoid their economic consequences.


To this end, you can insure a general and professional liability and let the insurer indemnify for sustained losses.


 Please contact your insurance agent to present a liability insurance offer and the most suitable coverage for you.




*  Third parties are all persons that are not a party to an insurance contract, i.e., the policyholder, the  insurer or the insured. In terms of these policy conditions, third parties are not:

  1. Employees, i.e., any natural persons  employed with the insured-employer or any other natural persons carrying out activities for the insured on whatsoever basis or undergoing professional training,   as well as management and supervisory board members and other responsible officials of the insured, their spouses and close relatives;
  2. Spouse and other family members, as well as other persons the insured is obligated to support;
  3. Related parties (shareholders, spouses and close relatives of the shareholders and other persons holding a  controlling or a significant interest  in the insured’s capital)

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