Money cannot be a substitute for someone’s health or life and yet it is indispensible when coping with the hardest situations we even do not want to think about

Accident insurance provides a coverage in the event of:


  • Accidental death
  • Permanent disablement due to accident  *
  • Medical expenses due to accident **
  • Temporary disability (daily benefit) due to accident    ***


Certain types of accident policies also cover the risk of death due to disease, rescue expenses, death due to traffic accident.

You can get more information on:


  • Group personal accident for employees
  • Group personal accident insurance for farm household members
  • Combined insurance for retired people
  • Personal accident insurance for fire brigade and other rescue team members on duty
  • Accident insurance for members of folk dances ensembles
  • Accident insurance for students
  • Accident insurance for guests at hotels, motels, camps, bungalows, health spa resorts
  • Accident insurance for visitors at arts, sport and other events
  • Accident insurance for tourists
  • Accident insurance for consumers of electric power, gas etc.
  • Accident insurance for newspaper subscribers, savings depositors etc.
  • Accident insurance for mines, shells and other explosives disposal squad
  • Accident insurance for stuntmen and persons performing acrobatic and other dangerous scenes during film making
  • Accident insurance  during summer and winter youth holiday camping
  • Accident insurance for learners at swimming and ski courses
  • Accident insurance for beaters
  • Accident insurance for divers
  • Voluntary accident insurance for passengers in public means of transportation
  • Accident insurance for blood donors
  • Accident insurance for mountaineering club members
  • Accident insurance for hunting and angling club members


Accident insurance provided by Eurolink Insurance is unlimited in term of territory and time.  Any person from 14 to 75 years of age may be insured regardless of profession and job.


Accident definition pursuant to policy conditions

Accident  is any sudden event, fortuitous and independent of the insured's will, which acts upon the insured's body causing death, total or partial disablement, temporary disability or damage to health requiring medical help.

You can be insured against accident as an individual, a family member or a group member.


Please contact the Insurance & Reinsurance Department and the Sales Departments where you will get an expert assessment of risks your employees and/or members are exposed to and will be offered the most adequate coverage.


* Permanent disablement means a permanent irreversible deteriorated function of a body part or organ according to Disability Table.

** The insurer shall pay a daily benefit to the amount stipulated in the policy for the period of a disability to work – sick leave, up to 200 days/year.

*** The insurer shall pay benefit for all necessary and actual medical expenses to the amount of the insured sum, which expenses,  pursuant to the provisions of the Compulsory Health Insurance Law are debited to the insured .





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