A conscientious driver is committed to his/her own safety as well as to safety of all other traffic participants. Taking care of your own vehicle and driving carefully will certainly lower risks of occurrence of loss.

By offering good quality covers against most frequent risks and by rendering proficient services in the segment of benefits, EUROLINK Insurance takes care of your vehicle and your responsibility while driving in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and abroad.


Our company offers the  following types of motor insurance:


Motor Third Party Liability Insurance – MTPL (more…)

MTPL policy may also include additional insurances, as follows:

  • Additional motor hull (Casco) insurance of car glass (more…)
  • Motor third party liability insurance against losses to third parties abroad- Green Card System (more...)
  • Additional insurance of drivers, passengers and employees against accident during driving or travelling in motor and other vehicles (more…)

Motor Hull (Casco) Insurance (more...)


You can either contact one of our insurance agents to offer you a suitable cover or you can buy a motor hull insurance policy online in our -POLICY web shop.

Purchase insurance online - fastest and safest to your insurance